Opening the door
in night time
I feel the web strands
pull at my hair

I stop withdraw
unwilling again
to break the pattern
spun over millennia

threads caught
by brightness
of the rooms
lightness behind me

small flies drawn in
flitting in the opening
I close the door
facing darkness again

remembering too
after darkness
there is always light.



It was an old tradition of our people that the New Year started at Samhain — Christian “All Souls” — through winter’s darkness and into Spring — there has to be darkness to reach light. Its a thought that’s continuously with me in these days of utter darkness and the re-emergence of “hate” culture; much of it lying low it would seem until a weakness has been recognised that would allow “hate” to flourish again. To resist we need to call on our creative side, speak in metaphors and speak with straight tongues when oppression requires outright rejection. Resist with every part of your being at this dark time — the light will come. The light cannot be resisted!


Rob Cullen artist, writer, poet. Rob runs “Voices on the Bridge” a poetry initiative in Wales. Walks hills and mountains daily with a sheep dog at his side.

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