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It is an un-contestable truth

that crows are the greatest artists

of this whole wide world

as they create art from nothing

But I acknowledge

that this assertion

may be arguable

to some I presume.

But what do they know?

From early dawn

unseen by the waking world

crows create sculptures

and ready-mades

from all they find.

Corvids invented


before humans

claimed it as their own.

Jackdaws and Jays

with their cool

steel grey eyes

masters of their work

re-arrange leaves

effortlessly, so easily

into intricate patterns

of choice and design

In which Rooks

judging with their beaks

exercise an exquisite

taste for blunt humour

Ravens however remain

aloof in their rule

completing aerial feats

loop the loops and

arabesques in displays

of deep disdain.

Without corvids design

the constant effort to re-arrange

it would look as if

nothing had changed.

That old fiend Duchamp

would have appreciated

the crows efforts to lay

everything bare

if he himself had not

lost his wit

from endlessly

taking the piss.

Poe would of course

laugh rapturously

from the shallow

darkness of his pit.


Laughter it must be remembered is the key to resistance — dictators do not understand sarcasm nor do tin pot emperors who cannot see their new clothes in the mirror — they do not understand metaphor. The dictators do not understand the creative — although some think they do. They all have in common the belief that they are geniuses. O yeah I met one the other day at the bus stop…in the cool light of day he had nothing to say! Nothing at all….


Rob Cullen artist, writer, poet. Rob runs “Voices on the Bridge” a poetry initiative in Wales. Walks hills and mountains daily with a sheep dog at his side.

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