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Buying by mail order might be a sin

It arrived today

for my birthday

all the way

from far away

across the sea


A straw hat

made of paper

looking plastic

but the wrong size

not the size

I stipulated.

It’s a bit stupid

to send it


it won’t fit.

my large head

not even at a stretch.

And so

it must go

back again

all the way

across the sea

to China.

Meanwhile Earth is burning.


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The sloppiness of sending a hat right the way around the globe on a container ship with all the cost to the environment involved, the stupidity of knowing a hat is the wrong size — but just on the basis of getting away with a fast buck is exactly the kind of reasoning that has left mankind jeopardizing the future of all life.

On a more personal, and deeply personal matter — a hat is a serious matter. It was unimaginably stupid of me to forget that its the stupidest thing to do to order a hat by mail order and possibly a sin to do so. My old gardening hat which I’ve worn for too many years will see me through another summer and possibly the next. I’ll wait for the right hat to come along in its always serendipitous way as they nearly always do, indeed must do!

To be plain it was the stupidest thing to order a hat by mail order, and on top of it order one that turns out not to be straw at all — but an impostor of plasticised paper and that’s what really is a sin!

Meanwhile Earth burns.


Rob Cullen artist, writer, poet. Rob runs “Voices on the Bridge” a poetry initiative in Wales. Walks hills and mountains daily with a sheep dog at his side.

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